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Really well designed & animated app, but do we need more social media?

new Din Tai Fung bar in Sydney CBD - win

Forced to watch #RWC2011 - I have zero clue how this works. Aliens must think we’re pretty odd. Nothing is worth cauliflower ears for life!

The best Granola in the land

#apple service is 2nd to none. 100 ppl before me and I’m out with a new phone up & running in just 90 mins. #iphone4S

I think the queue for #iPhone4S moved faster than the cab line at Sydney airport. #justsayin #firstworldproblems

iTunes syncing and iOS upgrading is a major pain in the butt and poorly done - lets hope it improves with over the air updates #iOS5

Better late than never - Facebook for iPad, AKA the end of civilization as we know it.

Sigh. What a week. Thank heck it’s finished & early. Imported beer in hand. Replacing pixels for booze till otherwise advised. #erasebrain

New pet peev. People that can’t park between white lines, meaning one less park available. How hard is it people?

i’ve introduced the team to Chai, now i’m getting them brought to me - made on milk, all frothy and sweet. world domination is next.

yes (watching Sons of Anarchy, Brick S04E05)

You sit for a spot of writing & coffee under the morning sun & the wench at the next table sucks down 3 fags in 10 mins. Death is coming luv

RT @scottie2h: Brilliant! This letter to the police by a man who spotted a typo on his speeding ticket made my day